In my business the tracking of every lead is all about dollars and cents. CallSource allows me not only a better way to track the leads I provide my clients, but more importantly, it allows me to get my calls to my clients much faster than going through a traditional call center. My cost per actual lead savings is at least 50% versus using a traditional call center. The services they offer are robust and can handle any variety of call delivery options I need. They provide a clean way to not only track each and every call, but deliver them faster to my clients without a three to five minute go-between at the call center level. In addition I've used multiple call centers over the years and I find the customer service to be better than most companies out there. In a business where you need to make fast decisions with your phone lines that are being advertised this point is crucial and can cost or lose you a tremendous amount of money. I would highly recommend integrating the CallSource option into anybody's call tracking and marketing plans. ”

- Abe Tatosian, President, Airtime Media

We utilize unique tracking numbers for each customer that advertises with us. In doing so, we are better able to monitor and report to our customers the large amount of phone traffic generated through our advertising efforts. We are now more accountable than ever and the customers love the detailed statistics CallSource Reporting delivers. Along with helping us add new customers over the past year, the CallSource recording feature has even helped us save a few accounts that wanted to be cancelled.”

- Dan Melton, Operations Director, AutoNetUSA, Inc.

I have used different call tracking companies before and CallSource definitely has a superior product. CallSource allows me to track phone calls for my customers and provides them with proof that our product is generating business directly to them. The reports give us more usable information than any tracking service I've seen or used. CallSource has proven to be a great marketing tool for us because we can show potential buyers that our ads are effective and will help them generate more leads.”

- Phil Orchard-Hayes, Owner, City Publications-North VA

Thanks to CallSource, we have been able to pinpoint where our customers' leads are coming from (i.e., ad source, demographics, and media). This allows us to maximize our customers' advertising dollars and their return on investment.”

- Tom Moorhead, Owner, L2T Media

CallSource has been a great partner over the last several months for MarineMax, not only in the value of their tracking methods and reporting, but also through the hard work that our rep has provided. We have gained valuable insight into the effectiveness of our marketing print and online ads, which has helped us significantly in a down market. The reporting tools are easy and convenient to use. I would recommend CallSource to any company in need of an accurate, affordable solution to toll free number tracking and reporting. ”

- Rob Bowman, Web Marketing, MarineMax

CallSource recording ability has allowed us to extract real interaction between employees and customers. The ability for us to listen and analyze these interactions have given us an edge over our competition. CallSource has been a valued partner of ours since 2005. ”

- Dan Cosgrove, CEO, Mercantile Systems

CallSource has proven itself to be an asset to our company, providing a much greater sense of clarity of our customer base. Most importantly, we were able to correctly evaluate the response rate of our various avenues of advertising, permitting us to eliminate those that were not successful and focus on the key performers. The ability to monitor the performances and progress of our our customer service and sales team has certainly brought some problems to light that would have otherwise gone undetected.”

- Harry Parsamyan, President, Modern Bathroom

As a direct marketing company, we understand the importance of tracking and analyzing campaign response - which is why we recommend the CallSource call tracking services to our clients. Since incorporating call tracking, recording, and reporting into our product mix, we have seen an increase in the number of clients requesting these services as part of their overall campaign, as well as a steady increase in incremental revenue over the past 12 months. We are very pleased to have partnered with CallSource, not only for their innovative services; we also value working with their highly professional management and support staff. ”

- Shelley Dolan, Marketing Manager, Nordis Direct

CallSource allows my clients to effectively and efficiently track their marketing efforts. By dedicating a unique 800 number to each insertion, we are able to optimize our strategic plan, enabling our clients to make the most of their marketing dollars.”

- Kali Elias, Account Executive, Ronin Advertising Group

CallSource has been an imperative tool for our clients. The tracking system helped promote home sales and leads that otherwise would have gone unattended. The reporting system allowed us to compare campaign costs, and therefore, helped guide where the media budget would be most cost-effective for our clients. A wonderful service!”

- Summer Anderson, Media Coordinator, Smith/Jumger/Wellman

Your system has worked like magic Our company has more than tripled our revenue in the year by utilizing the service that CallSource offers. The customer service has been top notch and has been on the ball all the time. Again, thanks for providing such great service. ”

- Richard Seppala, President, Total Census Solutions

CallSource call tracking solutions have provided both reporting and the customer experience, which is why they are the best value among any call tracking providers. CallSource is easy to use, and the comprehensive website has been a great help in training and providing return on investment to our client.”

- Andy Cline, President/CEO, U Turn Promotions

CallSource has been a perfect value added to our existing search engine marketing service. Their service allows us to track offline conversations and greatly increase ROI for client's PPC and SEO campaigns.”

- Aaron Wittersheim, President, Whoast, Inc

Because we specialize in search engine optimization and Pay-Per-Click campaign management, it's crucial that we're able to promptly reply to online and/or email leads. Lead2Call greatly improved our response time. We found the option of being able to reschedule calls a real productivity booster. The ability to queue after-hour calls where the leads are waiting for us first thing in the morning is another great feature.”

- Brad Anderson, Founder & President, Fruition

I have used CallSource services for several years. Simply put, they offer the best-in-class solution in terms of call tracking and reporting. Their interface is extremely easy to use and intuitive. They offer amazing training solutions that will help significantly improve your bottom line. I highly recommend CallSource. ”

- Brad Cohen, Vice President Media-Interactive, Point to Point, Inc.

As an advertising agency for various clients, CallSource serves as a key tracking and analysis tool for a variety of media sources in which our clients advertise. Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with a good return on their investment, and CallSource stats enable us to do this. The extensive training provided by CallSource is important so the end users know how to use the products most efficiently.”

- Monica Schmiedt, Director of Client Services, GROUP1201

CallSource has been a great resource for helping our clients track their advertising and marketing response. The self-service style website is very user friendly and one of the best that I have seen for our customers to access reporting. As a publisher provisioning numbers, I would recommend this program to anyone looking to validate their client's campaign performance with a reliable tracking and measurement system.”

- David Linsenberg, Publisher, City Publications-New England

We have been using CallSource tracking for three years, and find it to be a very useful tool for evaluating the effectiveness of our advertising. CallSource allows us to make sure we're getting the best ROI for our placements. We also use the zip code feature in order to better understand where our potential buyers are coming from. The customer service is outstanding and they are always willing to cater to our sometimes unique requests. We will continue to use CallSource in order to provide the best service to our clients. ”

- Jennifer Miller, Account Director, Villani Group

We have been pleased with CallSource's toll-free phone number service and use it frequently to help our clients track response to their print advertisements.”

- Jessica Lampron, Marketing Manager, Media Bids

Every word of this is what I want to shout from the rooftops!

The new CallSource RESULTS product is simply amazing! With multiple
clients in multiple cities with multiple properties, the need to have
all results funneled through one source is essential. By consolidating
all of the marketing/training activities into one area and providing
real time outcomes of all calls and now walk-ins, I am able to make
immediate adjustments. The added value of providing a team that listens
in on calls, categorizes the callers so that I am only reviewing the
effectiveness of leads and not just calls, is a tremendous advantage.
And now to bring together the ability for agents to have their calls
reviewed, scored and then be able to have the vast library of training
possibilities just wows me! Look at the time that has just opened up
for the on site managers and trainers - they would have a team of
assistants providing the executive overview so that all they have to do
is review and direct the agent based on that review.

With this product, I am more productive, my decisions are based on facts
and not assumptions and the end result has been the ability to save
money & time while still being able to reach for and achieve needed
goals. I can't thank you all enough for coming up with this, all the
time in designing it and your sincerity in assistance and follow up with
each launch. Jumpstart Marketing will recommend to clients and
colleagues that this tool is critical for all who are in the business of
managing and leasing apartment communities!

- Tracey Hopkins, Jump Start Marketing